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Changing hosts at by

Sadly, we have to change hosts, at least temporarily until I can find a way to consistently convert currency. In the meantime, the server has changed providers, countries, and operating systems. Please report any weirdness.

HTTPS at by

We've got https now. This protects against the “my ISP is injecting javascript” threat, not the “my government is afraid of my superior taste in anime” threat, so we've just got a self-signed cert. Head on over to the about page if you want to check the fingerprints.

Slow speeds at by

The absurdly slow speeds that everyone has been experiencing have something to do with the virtualization of our (otherwise excellent) shoestring-budget hosting. They're aware of the problem, but no fixes have worked yet.

Update: okay they fixed it now.

CSS rebuilt at by

I just pushed an update that changes the CSS so that the site looks better in elinks. If everything's ugly, try clearing your cache. It will still be ugly, but a different kind of ugly.

Let it never be said that we don't lovingly optimize how the site looks.

First post at by

Welcome. I got sick of kicking the code around and decided to do a live shakedown. This is intended to be the /m/ that you were always bitching you wish you had.

This isn't the sadly departed mechachan.com, but the goals are similar: to talk about mecha.