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yeah honestly M+ might be where I draw the line on Fathom barring some specific gaggle of people in the irls
the dvd-vision I expected, but Information High out of some random tinny speaker in the upper right was like, the fuck

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Just got back from the Macross Plus movie. I'm glad I went - it was impressive on a big screen even at low resolution and with a bit of a wonky sound setup.
On the way home I realized that with reversed name ordering, "Apple Sharon" is pretty close to a pun on "Application".

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One advantage of running a site that feels like it's from the '90s is that it's really cheap to run. I keep it around if people feel like talking about mecha somewhere other than 4/m/, but I don't do any kind of advertising. That way lies pic related, and a man's got to have honor, you know?

I'm fucking shocked this still exists

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shit site delete it

Yeah, I am.

anyone here alive?

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I respect those dubs