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Mechachan is an imageboard for talking about mecha and general science fiction. It is intentionally feature-light in an attempt to avoid some of the afflictions of other modern imageboards.
The following file types are supported (up to 4MiB):
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It's probably a good idea to install the userscript if you want things like inline image expansion.
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  5. Toku goes on /b/.
  6. “Be excellent to each other”.
Mechachan uses the phenomenally successful Wakarimasen-style CAPTCHA. If you don't recognize one of these, may we recommend the associated series?
. The RB-79, or the ball, was a jury-rigged Federation support unit during the one year war of Mobile Suit Gundam.
. Also from Mobile Suit Gundam, the toy/character Haro was constructed by Amuro Ray.
. A major event in Legend of the Galactic Heroes is the outcome of the fifth battle to take place at Iserlohn (unsurprisingly named the Fifth Battle of Iserlohn).
. This isn't even from fiction. Jupiter is terrible.
. Captain Benjamin Sisko of Deep Space Nine, like all Star Trek characters, has a strange love for some particular part of 20th century Earth: baseball, in his case.
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