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CAPTCHA? B__LWhat is the more common name of the RB-79?

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The main mecha of the last /m/ thing you watched has been replaced by a GM. How fucked is everyone?

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Things just got better, actually

How does this work for 0079?

Amuro would probably die immediately. If he didn't, and was able to get it to whatever Feddie base needed it, the war would probably end a month sooner.

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Wouldn't change a thing. Heero will still be shot down like a bitch in the first episode. He'll still need Duo to fish his GM out for him. He'll still blow it up like a tryhard emo and his duel with Zechs will still be done with the Heavyarms instead of his original GM.
Only difference is that OZ now has to learn two names to shout before their deaths and occasionally scream, "IT'S THE GIIII-EEEMMMM!"